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Wojast Journal

World Journal of Applied Science & Technology (WOJAST), formerly Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences (JONAS), is a peer-reviewed journal, published by The faculty of Science, University of Uyo, Nigeria. The journal publishes research papers in the field of pure, applied science and technology relevant subjects. The journal is published in printed version as well as online.



VOLUME 11 No.2 December 2019

Abraham, N. A., Inam, E, Asamudo, N. U and Essien, J. P.: Molecular Characterization of Micrococcus Luteus: A Potential Source of Biosurfactant for Enhanced Remediation of Crude Oil Polluted Site

Konyeha, S., Konyeha, C., Allenotor, D. and Usip, P. U.: An Automated Car Tracking Information Management System

Egbomuche, R., Abraham, N. A., Essien, J. P. and Anosike, I. K.: Humic Substance Utilizing Potential of Bacteria Isolated from the “Blackwater” Ecosystem of Eniong River, Okopedi-Itu, Nigeria

Osang, F. B.: Examining the Extended Expectation Confirmation Model Towards Understanding Virtual Learning Technology in a Mandatory Usage Context

Akpan, S. B., Abraham, N. A., Nkannang, A. and Essien, J. P.: Fate of 2- & 3 – Ring Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Estuarine Mudflat from Iko River Estuary, Nigeria

Akinjogunla, O.J., Asamudo, N.U. and Divine-Anthony, O.: Susceptibility of Drug Resistant Candida Isolates to Aqueous Leaf Extracts of Phyllanthus Amarus, Senna Alata and Nymphaea Lotus

Ebana, R. U. B; Etok, C. A. and Etim, V. J.: A Quantitative Assessment of the Antibacterial Activity, Phytochemical and Nutrients Composition of the Leaves of Tetrapluera Tetraptera (Mimosaceae)

Boekom, E., Essien K. E. and Obot, A.: Effects of Thiophene on Acid Corrosion of Mild Steel

Udoh, S. S. and Akpabio, I. O.: A Review of Mineral Resource Assessment Methods

Daniel, I. E., Effiong, V. P. and Akpan, E. F.: Antioxidant Activities and Phenolic Contents of the Leaf and Stem Extracts of Jatropha Tanjorensis

Bassey, M. E. and Ntukidem A. U.: Morphological Attributes of Combretum Loefl from Southeastern Nigeria

Ekott, E. E., Essien, K. E., Bassey, D. E. and Obisung , E. O.: Evaluation of Noise Levels and Distances from a Business Centre with a Maximum Noise Level of (83.35±0.91) DBA.

Egbele, R. O. and Simon, N.: Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed 2, 2-Bipyridine and Ascorbic Acid Metal (II) Complexes