Vol. 10-1 June 2018

Abakedi, O. U. and Mkpenie, V. N.: Corrosion Inhibition Performance of O – Vanillin and O – Vanillin Hydrazone On Mild Steel Surface: Insight From First-Principles

Egwali Edwin C., Eniang, Edem A. and Udoidiong, Okon M.. Conservation Priorities and Ecotourism Potentials of the Avifauna of Itu Wetlands, Nigeria

Antia, A. D., Okon, I. B., Umoren, E. B. and Umoren, C. C.: Shannon Entropy and Information Energy for Modified Manning-Rosen Potential

Johnson, A., Ekpo, P. and Ubulum, P. E.: Eco-Friendly Synthesis of Iron Nanoparticles Using Kola Acuminata: Characterisation and Biological Activity

Basil N Ita and Udoh, I. E.: Total Phenolics, Flavonoids and Antioxidant Activity of Icacina Trichantha Tuber Extracts

Boekom, E., Essien, K. E., Akpan, I. A. and Abakedi O. U.: Electrochemical Investigation and Quantum Chemical Evaluation of 5-Phenylisoxazole of Mild Steel Corrosion in Hcl Solutions

Essien and Thomas : Volatile Compounds and Biological Activity of Chromoleana Odorata and Ageratum Conyzoides Essential Oils

Divine-Anthony, O., Okwulehie, C. I. and Akinjogunla, O.J.: Aflatoxin- and Ochratoxin- Producing Potentials of Moulds Associated with Spoilage of Fruits Marketed in Akwa Ibom State

Ekpoudo, Usoro , Lawal Amudat and Johnson, Atim: Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Mixed Trimethoprim-Aspirin Metal Complexes

Enemose , E.A., Simon, N.,. Shaibu S. E.,Osunniran, W and Nworu, J.S: Metal (Ii) Of (5z) -5-( (3,4,5-Trimethoxyphenylmethylene] -4h- Pyrimidine -2,4 -Diamine Mixed With 1,10 –Phenanthroline

Essien, J. P., Ikpe, D. I, Fatunla, O. K., Abraham, N. A. and John, R.C.: Evaluation of Loads and Human Skin Disease-Causing Potential of Fungal Contaminants in Wastes Dumpsite Atmosphere in Uyo, Nigeria

Nkang, Y.C. and Sanyaolu, A.A.A.: Impact of Dimethoate on the Mycelia Growth of Some Soil Inhabiting Fungi

Ikpe, D. I, Akinjogunla, O.J.,Adegoke, A. A. and Essien, J. P.: Virulence Factors and Antibiogram of Bacterial Isolates from the Municipal Solid Waste Impacted Environ in Uyo, Nigeria

Shaibu, S. E., Etim, U. E., Simon, N., Efiong, N. E., Ahmed, S. S., Obuye, F. and Matthew, N. B.: Silver Nanoparticle Supported on Sugar Cane Bagasse Activated Carbon: Synthesis and Characterization

Mkpenie, V. and Abakedi, O.: Silicon Halide Perovskite for Efficient Sunlight Harvesting in Solar Cells: Insights From First-Principles

Ndubuisi-Nnaji, U. U., Ofon, U. A. and George, Q. S.: Bacterial Survivors of Agrowastes Anaerobiosis: Their Hemolytic Activity and Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns

Ogbemudia, F. O. Ita, R. E. and Essien, K. I: Modelling the Vegetation and Soil Characteristics of Imo River Basin Mangrove Ecosystem, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Osarumwense P. O. and Muniratu .M: Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of 5,6-Difluoro -2- Methyl -4h-Benzo [D] [[1,3] – Oxazin-4-one and 3-Amino-6,7-Difluoro -2- Methyl–Quinazolin 4(3h) –one

Akinjogunla, O. J., Ehinmore, I., Atang, T. D. and Akpan, I.: Antibacterial Efficacy of Aqueous Leaf Extracts of Cymbopogan Citratus (Poaceae) and Borreria Verticillata (Rubiaceae) On Biofilm Producing Uropathogenic Bacterial Isolates

Boekom, E. and Essien, K. E.: Thermodynamic and Sorption Studies of 5 – Phenylisoxazole on Mild Steel in 2 M Hcl Solutions

Udoh, D. I., Etang, B. B. and Oscar, O. R.: In Vitro Susceptibility Profile of Bacteria Isolated from Fermented African Oil Bean Seeds (Pentaclethra Macrophylla, Benth) Sold in Uyo Metropolis

Ekott, E. E., Bassey, D. E. and Obisung, E. O.: Modelling the Relation between Noise Levels and Distance from a 500 kVA Power Generator

Fatunla, O. K. and Essien J.P: Effects of Hydrocarbon on the Activities of Heterotrophic and Bioluminiscent Bacteria and Fertility of a Tropical Ultisol.

Okon, I. B., Antia, A. D., Ituen, E. E. and Isonguyo, C. N.: Eigen-Solution for Shannon Entropy with Trigonometric Yukawa plus Inversely Quadratic Potential.

Umoh, U. A., Asuquo, D.E. and Isuekpe, E.C.: Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Framework For Urban Trip Distribution Modeling

Udoinyang E. P., Okon, A. O, Ekpo, N. D and Ukpatu J. E.: Physicochemical Determinants of Phytoplankton Abundance During the Wet Season in a Tropical Freshwater System in Nigeria

Inyang C. U., Fatunla, O. K. and Akpan, A.S.: Effect of Exposure Time on the Antibacterial Activity of Disinfectants used in Uyo Abattoirs

Essien, I.. E., Ekott, E. E., Umoh, U. A. and Okonkwo, N. J: Evaluation of Radiation Risk Indicators Due to Exposures in Building Materials Sales Outlets in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Joshua, E. E. and Bradford, G. I.: Modeling of Air Pollution Due to Carbon Monoxide Emission from Vehicle Exhaust

Akpan, E.N, Denise, E.M., Ezendiokwelu, E. L. and Anyadike, M. C: Allelopathic Effects of Selaginella Uncinata (L.) on the Seedling Growth of Zea Mays (L.)

Udoh, S. S., Asuquo, D. E., Inyang, U. G.: Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Model for Oil Pipelines Monitoring in a Cluster-Based Sensor Network Environment

Ekpo, N. D., Etim, O. E., Opara K. N., Etuk, E. U. I.,Atting, I. A. and Udoinyang, E. P.: Insecticide Susceptibility Profile of Malaria Vector from Crude Oil Impacted Coastal Area of Eastern Obolo LGA, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Imoh-Ita, J.N., Udofia, G. E., Fatunla, O. K. and Essien, J.P. Virulence Factors Producing Potential and Antibiogram of Bacteria Isolated from Biosolid for Land Application

Udo-Utun, X. A.: On Minimal Invariance for Fixed Point Property

Adeniran. A. O, Olabisi, O. Ajao, O.S. and Ndeifrekeabasi, O.B.: Determination of Wireless (2.45ghz) Attenuation Loss Through some Nigerian Trees and Foliages

John O. U. M., Eduok, S., Ita, B. and Asuquo, C. E.: Co-Digestion of Cassava Mill Effluent Pretreated Rice Husk Lignocellulosic Biomass with Poultry Manure and Effect on Biogas Production

Umoh, U., Peter, I., Udofia, A., Paul, I., Adebayo, A., Akankpo, A. and Essien, I.: Evaluation of the Electrical Properties of Different Mixtures of Cement -Sand Concrete

Nkang, Y.C. and Sanyaolu, A.A.A.: Mycodegradation of Dimethoate in Arable Soil and of its Residue in the Leaves of Telfairia Occidentalis Hook. F.

Udoh, N. S.: Probabilistic Inventory Control Models with Variable Demand over a Planning Horizon for Consumable Products

Adeniran. A. O., Olabisi, O. and Ajao, O.S: Circuit Simulation and Etching of Distributed Phase Shifter Mmic using Lumped Element Coupler

Oladipo, V. O., Adedoyin, A. D. and Atat, J. G.: Geostatistical Investigation of Grain Size and Heavy Minerals of Stream Sediments from Agunjin Area, Kwara State

Eyo, E. J., Akpabio, I. O. and Akankpo, A.: Pore and Fracture Pressure Studies in Onshore Niger Delta