Vol. 13-1, June 2021

Peter, I. G., Asiegbu, A. D., Ekpe, O. and Efurumibe, E. L.: Adaptive Hybrid Model for Prediction of Electromagnetic Signal Path Loss in Long Term Evolution radio Microcellular Network

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Atat, J., Adedoyin A., Umoren E.: Source Rock Studies of Ogunniyi Sediments and Percentage of Ztr Minerals in its Environs

Edoho, M. E., Ekpenyong, M. E. and Ekong, A. I.: Unsupervised Cardiovascular Risk Factors Clustering: Towards an Expert Recommendation System for Personalized Nutrition Therapy

Ituen, E. B. and Archibong, U. D.: Onion Peel Dye-Nanocomposite as Light Harvester in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

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Edet U. A. and Etukudo I.: Stability Analysis of the Equilibria of a Simple Compartmental Model for Covid-19 Transmission

Nsien, E. F. and Omini A. A.: Non-Interactive Feasible Region Contraction Interior-Point Algorithm For Solution of Multi-Objective Optimization Problems

Ndiyo, E.. E. and Abasiekwere, U. A.: On a New Method for Solving Nonlinear Algebraic Equations

Udoh, N. S. and Ekpenyong, E. J.: Integer Programming Approach to Nurse Scheduling Problem (Nsp) In Hospital Management

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