Vol. 2-2 December 2010

Udousoro, I. I., Umoren, I. U. & Asuquo, E. D.: Survey of some heavy metal concentrations in selected soils in South Eastern parts of Nigeria.

Udoh, D. I. & Uyah, G. E.: Prevalence of Diarrhoeic agents among hospitalized children in some hospitals in parts of South East Nigeria.

Igbokwe D. I. & Jim, U. S.: Approximation of common fixed points of a finite family of lipschitz demicontractive maps using a composite implicit
iteration process.

Essien, J. P.: Enterotoxin and thermonuclease producing potential of bacteria associated with African palm maggot, rhyncophorus phoenicia.

Akpan, B. E, Ufodike, E. B. C. & Ukwa, S. O.: Food and foraging performance of Lisa Falcipinnis (Valenciennes, 1836) (Mugilidae) from Imo River Estuary, Nigeria.

Ekanem, M. S., Mbagwu, H. O. C , Opara, K. N. & Agbata, Q. C.: Ticks infestation of domestic dogs (Canis Familiaris Lupus) in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Essien, J. P., Udotong, I. R., Bassey, M. & Asamudo, N.: Bioconversion of Brewers Spent Grains (BSG) for possible use as poultry feed.

Ituen, E. E, Ikot, A. N., Antia, A. D. & Awoga, O. A.: Quantum mechanics of a radioactive substance as a non conservative system.

Essien, I. E, Nyong, A.B, Antia, A.D., Ikot, A. N, & Akpan, O. P.: Determination of infrared heating rate in the boundary layer.

Evans, U. F., George, N. J. & Omotosho, O. O: Geoelelectric measurements for design of cathodic protection system to prolong the life span of jetty. 

Ekop, E. A, Udoh, A. I. & Akpan, P. E.: Proximate and anti-nutrient composition of four edible insects in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Udoidiong, O. M.: Threats to species of Epibenthic Macrofauna of some mangroove wetlands in Eastern Obolo, Nigeria.

Ataga, C. D.: Yield stability study in oil palm (Elaeis Guineensis Jacq) using descriptive method of grouping genotypes.

George, N. J., Umo, E. E. A., Evans U. F. & George N. N.: Traces of Nuclear radiation in stimulants.

Leonardi, M., Udotong, J. I., Akele, S. Sbaraglia, M. & Udotong, I.: Emerging approach to sustainable land use planning and management: A case study of NAOC Green River Project Pedon Package.

Obinaju, B. E.: Climate change: The West African situation.

Esenowo, G. J., Sam, S. M. Bala, D. N., Ekpo, B. A. J. & Edung, E. M.: Phytochemical screening and the haematological effect of peristrophe bicalyculata (retz) nees diet preparation in albino rats.

Asuquo, J. E., Anusiem, A. C. I., & Etim E. E.: Extraction and characterization of shea butter oil.

Lucas, F.A & Ishiekwene, E: A Dinoflagellate Cyst Biozonation for Late Cretaceous – Tertiary succession of Gbekebo-1 well, Benin Flank, Anambra Basin, Nigeria.

Akpan H. D, Dan, P.H, Isong, N., Ekaidem, I. S & Usoh, I. F: Comparative studies on the effect of consumption of fresh fruit juice and thiamin on the metabolism of linamarin in rats.

Lucas F. A & Ishiekwene, E: Miospore (pollen and spore) biozonationmodel for late Cretaceous – Tertiary succession of Gbekebo-l well, Benin Flank, Anambra Basin Nigeria.