Vol. 3-1 June 2011

Okon, O. E., Opara, K. N., Ikpe, U., Adejimi, A., Iboh, C. I. : Prevalence and public health significance of Helminth Ova in domestic dogs in Calabar, Southern Nigeria.

John, N. M., Ibia T. O., Effiong G. S., Etokeren, U. E. & Iren O. B.: Response of Maize (Zea Mays L.) to different levels of decomposed refuse in Uyo Municipality, Nigeria.

Maruf A. Raheem: Occupational hazards table for determining the period of developing disease.

Ndiyo, Etop E.: An estimate necessary for solving Non-Homogeneous Semi-Linear differential equations.

Imianvan A.A. & Obi J.C.: Diagnostic evaluation of Hepatitis utilizing Fuzzy Clustering Means.

Ituen, E. U. U. & Ukpakha, A. C.: Improved method of par-boiling paddy for better quality rice in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Umoren, M. U. & Ofem, E. I.: Application of principal component analysis to the determination of impact of down time on production of wheat products.

Kanu M. O., Meludu O. C. & Oniku S. A.: Effect of electrical resistivity measurements on Archie’s Saturation Exponent.

Imianvan A.A. & Obi J.C.: Diagnostic analysis of Bipolar Disorder using Neuro-Fuzzy Logic.

Iren O. B., Asawalam D. O., Osodeke V. E. & John N. M.: Effects of animal manures and urea ferttilizer as nitrogen sources for Amaranthus growth and yield in a rainforest ultisol in Nigeria.

Umoren, M. U. & Etuk, N. B.: Application of profile analysis to repeated measurements of anthropometric parameters.

Arikpo G.E., Eja M.E, Enyi-Idoh K.H., Akubuenyi F., Ngang U, Akam C. & Ekomabasi I.: Patterns of Antibiotic Drug use in the community: A questionnaire-based survey in Southern Nigeria.

Akpan, H. D., Atangwho, I. J., Dan, P. H.., Ebong, P. E.: Sub-acute and sub-chronic toxicity studies with leaf extracts of fluted pumpkin (Telfairia Occidentalis) in wistar rats.

Ekpo, I. E. & Chude, L. A.: Effects of Glyphosphate Herbicide (“Round Up”) on fingerlings of Oreochromis Niloticus and Clarias Gariepinus.

Effanga E. N., Asuquo, D. E. & Williams, E. E: Information retrieval using JADE mobile agent system

Isong, N. B. E. & Essien, E. U.: Food consumption pattern and iron status of young adult in the University of Uyo, Nigeria.

Sheriff M. A., Babagana B. & Maina B. T.: A study of silicon solar cells and modules using PSPICE.

Chiemeke, C. C. & Modebe, C.: AVO analysis using common midpoint high resolution 2d seismic reflection imaging data: a case study of Zaria, Northern Nigeria.

Chude, L. A. & Ekpo, I. E.: Effect of Salon Effluent on – I: Oreochromis Niloticus Fingerlings.

Inyang, U. G. & Inyang, M. U.: A Neuro-Fuzzy decision support framework for tenants’ satisfaction assessment in residential properties.

Ukpong , E. J. & Prasad, J: Cyclic voltammetric investigation of copper(ii) imidazole complexes in aqueous medium.

Essien J. P., Ekpo M. A., Benson N. U., Ikpe D., Ubom R. M. & Ebong G. A.: Predictive analysis of degradation indices and microbial growth during enhanced biodegradation of municipal solid wastes in Uyo, Nigeria.