Vol. 3-2 December 2011

Omotoso, O. A., Mamodu, M. O., & Ojo, O. J.: Evaluation of geotechnical properties of laterite soils in Asa-Dam Area, Ilorin, Southwestern Nigeria.

Joshua, E. E. & Etukudo, U. E.: Mathematical model of the spread of typhoid fever.

Okon.I.B. & Popoola. O.O: Investigating the chaoticity of Henon-Heiles system and a nonlinear harmonic chaotic oscillator.

Akpabio, U. D., Akpakpan, A. E. Matthew, I. E.& Akpan, A. U.: Extraction and characterization of oil from Avocado Pear (Persea americana) and Native Pear (Dacryodes edulis) fruits.

Ataga, C. D., Okoye, M.N., Aisueni, N.O., Odewale, J.O. & Odiowaya, G.: Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) genetic collections in Nigeria.

Imianvan A. A., Akinyokun O.C, Obasohan E.E & Obi J.C.: Prototype of an intelligent trade agent.

Akpan, B. E.: Ontogenetic and monthly feeding behaviour of Liza falcipinnis (Mugilidae) from Cross River Estuary, Nigeria.

Inyang, U. G. & Umoren M. U.: Students’ dataset mining for academic performance risk patterns identification.

Edosomwan, E.U., Mgbemena, I.C., Opara, K. N. & Petu-Ibikunle, A. M: Geohelminths Eggs contamination of vegetables sold in major markets in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Obot & George: Mining meteorological data based on neural networks models.

Ituen, E. U. U. & Ituen, I. S.: Selecting cassava varieties for composite bread.

Essen I .M., Utah E.U. & Nuhu H.: Particulate matter concentration in the Jos Metropolis.

Okon, M. E. & Etuk, E. P.: An Evaluation of the use of Information and Communication Technology in Nigerian Universities.

Udosen, E. D. & Obot, N. U.: Heavy metal levels in ultisols from an abandoned battery industry environment in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Ekong U. S., Elijah A. I. & Essien J. P.: Hydrolytic enzymes producing capabilities of microorganisms from soil and decayed yam tubers in Uyo, Nigeria.

Jerry E. E., Imoh, J. E., Uduak, A. U. & Edward, N. U.: Health Monitoring of Dimensional Gas Turbine Engine (Engdata) Using Isomap Data-Based Analysis Approach.

Opara, R. N., Ebong, P. E., Eyong, E. U., Atangwho, I. J., & Iwuala C. C.: Effect of Aqueous Extract of Vernonia Amygdalina Leaf on Liver Weight and Serum Enzyme activities in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats.

Yabaya A; Manga S.B; Fadason T. & Alhassan H.M: Hydrocarbon Utilizing Bacteria In the Rhizosphere of Moringa Oleifera.

Obi J.C. & Imianvan A.A: Genetic-Fuzzy System for the Intelligent Recognition of Soil Fertility for Agricultural Production.