Vol. 4-1 June 2012

Etim, E. I. Udoh I. E. & Udoh A. E.: Evaluation of Plasma Creatinine and Urea Levels of Artemisinin and some Artemisinin Combination Therapy Regimens to healthy Nigerian males.

Udo, I. U.: Length-Weight Relationships of some Nigerian Freshwater fishes from Iba-Oku stream, Ikpa River, Nigeria.

Effiom, O. E. & Avoaja, D. A: Evaluation of Minimum Lethal Concentrations (MLCs) Of Phytochemical Larvicide Extracts from Peels, Pulp and Seeds of five species of citrus fruits.

Adukpo, David C. & Akpan, Udosen E.: Estimation of horizontal global solar radiation in parts of Ghana.

Umo, A. N., Ntekpere, E. I.,Udoekong, N. S., Hassan-Olajokun, R. E. & Etokudo, O. M: : Antimicrobial potentials of leaves extract of Thunbergia Erecta on bacteria isolated from infantile diarrhoeal stool.

Mkpenie; N. V., Ebong; G. A. & Etuk, H. S.: Effect of temperature on the sedimentation of insoluble metal carbonates.

Nwabueze, A. A.: Concentrations of heavy metals in tissues of Egeria Radiata (Bivalvia: Tellinacea) from creeks in Burutu in Delta State, Nigeria.

Udoidem, I. U. & Enwere, N. J.: Proximate composition, antinutrients and sensory properties of melon cakes cooked with different packaging materials.

Akpabio, U. D. & Akpakpan, A.E.: Evaluation of nutritive and anti-nutritive compositions of the seeds of Monodora Myristica (African Nutmeg).

Usip, Lawrence P. E. & Amadi, E. C.: Concomitant bacteria in the blood of malaria patients sampled in the Southern Nigeria.

Adepoju Suraj A Ojo, Olusola J., Abu, Momoh: Chemical assessment and industrial quality of Gongila limestone, Gongola Basin Nigeria.

Itina, V. I; Usip L. P. E, Okiwelu, S. N; Noutcha, M. A. E. & Umeozo, O. C.: Abundance and habitat preference of mosquitoes in Southern parts of Nigeria.

Essiett, U. A. & Sunday, R. I.: Floral structure of four species of Senna: Subfamily Caesalpinoideae.

Obi J.C. & Imianvan A.A.: Formal characterization of an intelligent Academic Responsibility Assignment Agent.

Utah, E. U., Anjorin, F. O. & Essen, I. M.: Prediction of downwind air pollution levels from an industrial stack in Jos, Nigeria.

Egwali, A. O. & Ekong, V. E: Waste awareness and disposal practices: An Empirical Investigation.

Xavier Udo-Utum: On (δ,k) – Weak contractions and fixed point of L-Lipschitzian Maps.

Isong N. B. & Piate, R. C.: Nutritional potential and quality evaluation of the blend of yellow maize with fish powder, groundnut paste and freshly prepared red palm oil.

Essiett, U. A. & Ibanga, U. E.: Phytochemical properties of the leaves and stems of Piper Umbellatum Linn., Piper Guineense Schum. and Thonn.

Usip, L.P.E. & Atting I. A.: Congenital malaria in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.