Vol. 4-2 December 2012

Ibia, Trenchard Okon: Perspectives on Global climate change: Facing the challenges by the application of Science and Technology

Emah, Joseph Bassey : Low cost Nano Imprinting for Organic Solar Cells Applications.

Umoh, U. A. & Nyoho, E. E.: Design of Pattern Recognition System for fingerprint identification and verification: An automated fingerprint digital
time book application.

Obi J. C. & Egwali A. O.: Operational Risk Management System via Soft-Computing Paradigm.

Ekpenyong, M. E. & Isabona J.: Traffic Delay Estimation for 3g Mobile Ip Services.

Billy, U. A., Utah, E. U. & Akpan, U. E.: Seasonal variation of evaporation rate with some Meteorological parameters in Uyo, Nigeria.

Efosa Igodan C. & Egwali A. O: A User Registration Framework of a web-based database system.

Yunana M. A., Siaka S. & Simon S.: Effects of Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company Effluents Discharge on the Vegetation of Romi Area of Kaduna State.

Isikwue, B. C., Ameh, M. E. & Utah, E. U. :Validity of the Harmonic Analysis of the Monthly Rainfall Variability in Makurdi, Nigeria.

Ituen, E. E., Antia, A. D. & Okon, Ituen B.: Analytical Solutions of Non-Relativistic Schrӧdinger Equation with Hadronic mixed Power- Law Potentials via Nikiforov-Uvarov method. 

Effiom, O. E., Alaribe, A. A. A . & Useh, M. F. : Physico-Chemical Attributes of Malaria Vectors Breeding sites in Ekori, Yakurr LGA, Cross River State, Nigeria.

Abui, Y. M., Damina, A. & Garba, B. S.: Water Scarcity and Coping Strategies in Zangon Kataf L.G.A., Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Xavier Udo-Utun: Stability of Certain Procedures and Fixed Points of Nonexpansive Maps.

Ojarovwe-E E. C. & Ebegbodi, V. I.: Locally made Medicinal Plants for Treatment of Infertility and Impotence in Man.

Akah, P. A. Osonwa, U. E., Okorie. N. A. Udobre, A. S. & Odii E. C.: Effect of the Crude Extract and Fractions of Occimum Gratissimum on Cat Blood Pressure.

Umana, O.U, Itah A.Y, Essien J.P. & Umo A. N: Epidemiology of Dermatopytoses among Children in Akwa Ibom State.

George, U. D. and Ntekop, M. M.: Overview of Electronic Wastes and their implications on Health and Environment.

Essien, J. P., Ikpe, D.I, Udoinyang, E. P. & Ubom, R. M.: Plankton Ecological Amplitude: A Useful Tool in Oil Spill Monitoring in a Brackish Mangrove Ecosystem.

Esenowo, G. J.; Akpan U. A.; Sam, S. M.; Bala, D. N. & Ajibesin, K. K.: Characterization of Lipids from the leaves of Symphonia Globulifera Linn.

Essien, N. E. & Okon, A. J : The Levels of Acid Rain and its Impact on some Communities in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Ubom, R. M, Ogbemudia, F. O. & Asuquo, E. T.: Vegetation Components, Nutrient Status and Soil Characteristics in Homestead Gardens.

Bassey, I. N., Asamudo, N.U., Udoukpo, F. C. & Ukpong, U. M.: Effect of some Fungicides on incidence of seed-borne fungi of Solanum Gilo Raddi and the impact on seed germinability.

Essien, J. P. & Udoinyang, E. P: Assessing the Short Term Effect of Oil Spill Through Chromatium Sp Activity in Mudflats.

Esenowo, G. J. Bala, D. N; Sam, S. M; Brown, U. J. & Okon, J. E.: Haemopoietic Effects of Ethanolic Extract of Stellaria Media (L.) Leaves on Albino Mice.

Gana A. J. & Osueke O. C.: Integrated water resources and waste management: water, sanitation, flood and storm water management.

Esen, Nsikan. U. & Obed, Rachel. I:. Assessment of body organ doses in conventional radiology in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.