Vol. 5-1 June 2013

Sola-Ojo, F. E., Toye, A. A., Ayorinde, K. L., Okukpe, K. M. & Oluwole, B. E.: Relations between Body Weight and Linear Body measurements at specific growth stages in arbor acre Broiler Chickens.

Owowo, E. E. & Itah, A. Y: Prevalence of Enteric Fever- Hiv/Aids Co-Infections in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Ekong, U. S., Okereke, B. C. & Esimone, C. O. : Microbiological evaluation of Cassia alata Herbal formulated antiseptic Soap. 

Ette, B. B., Eyong, E. U., Edem, D. O. & Akpan, H. D.: Phytochemistry and Effect of Alchornea cordifolia on Paracetamol-Induced Nephrotoxicity in male and female Wistar Rats .

Etok, C. A & Essien, V. U: Microbiological properties and spoilage indices of Nigerian Fermented Cereal Gruel (Soy Ogi) during storage.

Okop, I. J.: Analytical methods for Hydrocarbons contaminated soil in the Tropics.

Akpabio, U. D. & Emmanson, B. E.: Quality of drinking water sources in Ibeno Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Umana, O.U., Itah, A. Y., Bala D. N. & Sam, S. M.: Phytochemistry and Antimycotic Assay of Senna alata and Borreria verticilliata Leaves Extracts on Dermatophytes.

Ekong, V. E, Onibere, E. A & Uwadiae, E.: A Model of Depression diagnosis Using a Neuro-Fuzzy approach.

Tamuno, T.T.: Sanitation and water quality in Okoloba – Kolga, Bayelsa State of Nigeria.

Alkasim A.: Comparison of locally constructed basin-type solar still and standard electronic distiller for effective well water distillation.

Ette, B. B., Eyong, E.U., Edem, D. O.Akpan, H. D.: Hepato-Toxicity Ameliorating Effect of Alchornea cordifolia on Wister Rat.

Akpona, O. N.: Practical Use of the Vetiver System as an effective multi-application Bio-Engineering tool for soil and water management: Imperatives
for Nigeria.

Akpan, U. E. & Billy, U. A: Meteorological analysis of evaporation rate in Uyo.

Eyo, A. E.: Mathematical Science and technological / industrial development of a modern society.

Alkasim, A., Yerima, B.J., Ahmed, A.D. & Sulaiman S. T.: Air Pollution Levels In Parts of Kano Metropolis, Kano State Nigeria.