Vol. 5-2 December 2013

Akpan, I. O., Thompson, E. A., & Inyang, E.: Elemental concentration in sediments along Cross River in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Wansah, J.F., Udounwa, A.E. & Mee, A.U.: Analysis of shaded series and parallel connected photovoltaic modules at Uyo, Nigeria.

Ekwu, A. O. & Sikoki, F. D.: Seasonal variation in composition and abundance of phytoplankton communities in Cross River Estuary, Nigeria.

Etok, N. A., Mboto, C. I. & Epoke, J.: Immunological/haematogical and opportunistic infections monitoring of response of some HIV positive individuals to HAART administration in Immanuel Hospital, Eket, Nigeria.

Akwukwuma V.V.N & Igodan C. E.: Framework for diagnosing Lassa fever using Fuzzy Associative Memory.

Okon, A. O. & Isangedihi, A.I.: Effects of ethanolic extract of Piper guineense on the gills histololgy of clarias gariepinus.

Ekpenyong, D. E. & Ekpenyong, M. E.: Link quality estimation of indoor Wlans using SNR, EVM and BER performance matrics.

Akpan, I. O., Azogor, W. E., Egbe, N.O & Etim, I. P.: Determination of heavy metal contents in soils from parts of Cross River State Nigeria, using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy. 

Igodan, E. C. & Ukaoha, K. C.: Predictive Model Framework for Power Holding Company of Nigeria.

Egbokhare, F. A. & Onibere, E. A.: Proposed Frameworks for User – Developer Interactions in Software Development Projects.

Udoh, P. J.: On The separation of variables in Green’s Functions for elastic material.

Okon, A.O.: Food and feeding habits of Schilbe intermedius in Lower Cross River, Nigeria.

Umoh, A. A., Umoh, U. A, & Isaiah M. O.: Groundwater quality in Akwa Ibom State Using Refractive Index Method Analysis.

Amadin, F. I & Obi, J.C. : Conventional Soft-Computing based approach for identifying sedimentary rock.

Denise E, Akhere, M. A, Udoh E. & Okpo R.: Impact of petroleum wastewater on the morphological attributes of Heteranthera callifolia Rchb. Ex Kunth.