Vol. 6-1 June 2014

Egwali A.O & Akwukwuma V.N: Security framework for software process models: Measures for establishing a choice.

Opara, D. C. & Opara, K. A.: Relationship between nutritional status and academic achievement of public schools children in semi-urban and rural communities in Imo State.

Isangedighi, I.A.: Trophic ecology of Pseudotolithus Elongatus (Sciaenidae: Teleostei) in the Cross River Estuary, Nigeria.

Inyang E. P. , Shittu K. A. & Akinbola G. E.: Analysis of soil physical properties and saturated hydrualic conductivity levels of Valley Bottom Land on the basement complex.

Igbinosun L.I. & Omosigho, S.E.: Vehicles drivers’ behavioural pattern and traffic congestion on Nigeria roads.

Etim, E. I., Johnson E.C. , Akwaowo, A. E. & Dent, C.: Artemisinin Combination Therapy On Some Liver Biochemicals In Nigerian Male Subjects.

Okengwu U.A. & Nwachukwu E.O.: Modified Dijkstra Algorithm For Determining Multiple Source Shortest Path Of Hospital Location In Rivers State (Nigeria).

Inam E., Etim U. J., Offiong N. O.: Assessment Of Human Health Risk Associated With The Presence Of Trace Metals In Groundwater Supplies
In Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Moffat, I. U. & George E. U.: On the predictive performance of some predictors of the linear probability model.

Ekuobase, G. O. Enaigbe, G. O,. Ebietomere, E. P., Aladeselu, V. A. & Amadin, F. I: Webometric Ranking Of Universities Using Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchical Process (FAHP) Model.

Opara, D.A. C. & Johnny, A: The Economy and safety of street- vended foods in Uyo Akwa Ibom State.

Uto, N. P. & Udoidem, J. O.: On some performance indicators for Estimating and boosting the total assets of a bank: The Nigerian Experience.

Moffat, I. U. & Okon, R. A.: On the tractability of some discordancy statistics for modelling outliers in a univariate dataset.

Akpan, U. E. & Ebito, A. J. : Estimation of Evaporation Rate Using Shuttleworth Equation.