Vol. 7-2 December 2015

Udosen, E. D., Afitijagun, P. I., Udosen, I. E.& Udoidiong O. M.: Risk assessment of Trace Metals in Chrysichthys Nigrodigitatus and Pachymelania Aurita from Cross River, Itu, Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria.

Agoreyo, B.O., Asiovu, E.O., Donwa, O.D. Okhihie, O.: Phytochemical constituents and in vitro Antioxidant activity of various solvent fractions of Solanum Melongena L. (Round and Oval Varieties) during ripening.

Bassey, I. N., Asamudo, N. U., Udoinyang E. P & Edet, U. A.: Antifungal activity of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts of Senna Alata L. Leaves on Fungi that cause Ringworm disease.

Ekong, U. S. & Udo, D. I.: Phytochemistry and Comparative analysis of the Antitussive Potential of Allium Sativum and Garcinia Kola against Clinical Isolates of Respiratory Tract Infections. 

Amechi, B. U., Abumere, O. E. & Alabraba, M.A.: Fabrication of Thin – Film Cu/Cu2o Schottky Diode Photovoltaic Cell by Thermal Oxidation.

Sheriff, M.A., Musa, M. & Momoh, M.: Empirical model for the Correlation of Global Solar Radiation in Maiduguri, Nigeria.

Agoreyo, B.O.Ilawe, D.O.: Effect of Postharvest Storage on the Glutathione, Carotenoids and Vitamin E levels in Green and Purple varieties of Solanum Incanum L. Fruits.

Ekott, E. E & Menkiti, A. I: Assessment of Noise levels in parts of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Amadin, F. I., Egwuatu, J. O. & Ekong, V. E: A Hybrid Neuro-Genetic approach for efficient Marburg Virus Disease Diagnosis.

Amechi, B. U & Horsfall, O. I.: Well Design, Construction and Downhole Logs for Fresh water aquifer delineation.

Udo, E.N. & Akwukwuma, V. V. N.: Object oriented Software Quality assessment using Metrics Threshold Values.

Simon, N., Obaleye, J. A. Eke, U. B.: Synthesis and characterisation of some Transition metal complexes of 2-(Dibutylamino)-1-[(9z)-2,7- Dichloro-9-(4-Chlorobenzylidene)-9h-Fluoren-4-Yl] Ethanol.

Essien, I. E. & Umoh, U. A.: Investigation of Gamma Radiation Attenuation Characteristics of Some Woods in Southern Nigeria.