Vol. 8-2 December 2016

Amadin, F. I., Egwuatu, J. O., Osazuwa, W.A., & Ekong, V. E.: A Neuro-Genetic Algorithm Based Medical Decision Support System For Congenital Heart Disease Diagnosis

Aboh, H.O., Dogara, M.D. & Alao, J.O.: Evaluation of the Geotechnical parameters in Part Of Kaduna, Kaduna State Nigeria.

Essien, I. E. & Nyong, A. B.: Assessment of Ionizing Radiation Protection Awareness in Diagnostic Radiologic Services in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Akpan, F. E. & Moses, A. E.: Bacteriological and Clinical Characterization of Leprosy cases in parts of South-South Nigeria.

Omigie M.I., Agoreyo F.O. & Ogbogu H.O.: Effects of Garlic (Allium Sativum) Extract on some Haematological indices of Wistar Rats.

Dogara M. D., Aboh H.O., Gyuk P.M,& Onwumere M.K.O.: The Use of Weibull Distribution method for Analysis of Wind Speed Distribution in Kaduna.

Ekanem, I.E., Akpan, U. E.,& Utah, E. U.: Analysis of Global Solar Radiation in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria using Temperature Models.

Akpabio, E. E. & Oboho, D. E.: Occurrence of Papaya Mealybug (Paracoccus Marginatus Williams and Granara De Willink, Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) in Uyo Metropolis, Akwa Ibom State.

Uboh, D. G.: Effects of Moroccan Watermelon Mosaic Virus (MWMV) on the growth and composition of Element and Antioxidants in Cucumeropsis Edulis Naudin.

Ekpo, I. E & Okon, A. O.: Food and Feeding Relationship of the Mugilid Fishes of Qua Iboe River Estuary, Nigeria.

Oduobuk, E. J.: Design and Development of Programmable and Automated Time Dependent Solar Tracker.

Johnson, A., Iniama, G., Salman, Q., Zahid H., Sammer, Y., Wan-Sin, L., Hoong-Kun, F.: Synthesis, Structure Determination and Biological activity of Bis-(3, 5-Diamino-1, 2, 4-Triazolium-Bis (Pyridine-2,6-Dicarboxylato)-Zincate(Ii)Tetrahydrate [(C2h6n5)2 + Zn (Dipic)22-].4H2O 

Atat, J. G. & Umoren, E. B.: Assessment of Mechanical and Elastic properties of Soils in the South Eastern Part of Niger Delta, Nigeria.