Vol. 9-2 December 2017

Opara, D. C. & Ekanem, U. S.: Child Survival Strategies by Women of Child Bearing Age in a Semi-Urban Community in Akwa Ibom State

Amechi, B. U. & Amonieah, J: Aquifer Characteristics in Parts of Obio Akpor Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria

John, U. N., Udo, I. I. & John, N. M.: Surface Charge Characteristics of Some Basaltic Soils in Cross River State, Nigeria

Ilozobhie, A. J. & Egu D. I.: Characterization of Reservoir Sands from Seismic and Well Log Data in the Niger Delta

Ijezie A. P. & Muka K. O.: On Two Non-Zero Roots of Modified Second Derivative Backward Differentiation Formula (Sdbdf) for Stiff Systems

Uko, E. D., Alabraba, M. A., Idahosa L. and Tamunosiki, D.: Porosity-Permeability Relationship in the North-West Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria

Ukut, E. I., Horsfall, O.I. and Eze, C. L.: Effective Line Interval for Signal -To -Noise (S/N) Improvement in 3D Seismic Survey

Usip, L. P. E., Okoro, M. F. and Udo, K. S.: Prevalence of Intestinal parasite of Poultry Chicken in Uyo Urban, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Ndunagu J.N and Olawale M. O: Comparative Analysis of Different Classical and Modern Cipher for Secure Data Communication

Okon, A. O. and Akpan A. W.: Breeding, Growth, Mortality and Yield of the Guinea Sprat Pellonula Leonensis, (Teleostei: Clupeidae) in Imo River Estuary, Nigeria

Muka K.O. and Otunta F.O.: Parallel One-Block Second Derivative Backward Differentiation Type Formulae for Ordinary Differential Equations